Freelancers in Hungary: freedom has to be learnt too

They work more than an average employee, while work-life balance is also challenging, yet freelancers would not revert to being employees. This was shown, among other things, by a research conducted at Budapest Business School (BBS), which produced useful results for both those who are already freelancers and those who are planning to be one. Tovább

A family business is “family” merely in its name in the case of the first generation

család felnőtt gyerekekkel egy asztal körül
Although the importance of family businesses is acknowledged both in the fields of economy and politics, reliable information about these businesses is scarce. Up to now, the exact number of such businesses was also unknown. Thanks to the Family Businesses Research Project of Budapest Business School’s Budapest LAB – Entrepreneurship Centre, in the upcoming years the number of such businesses as well as their ways of operation will be investigated and analysed. Tovább