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Budapest LAB Office for Entrepreneurship Development (Budapest LAB) helps to spread the entrepreneurial culture by sharing knowledge – research, training, inspiration – and empowering entrepreneurs and SMEs in Hungary. As a Center of Excellence Budapest LAB aims to become a well-known research, development, training, and knowledge centre of entrepreneurship development in the Central European region.

The development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and the strengthening of young people’s entrepreneurial spirit are key not only for GDP and employment in Hungary but also because they contribute to making Hungary a better, more colourful place through their creativity, ideas, and dreams.

Budapest LAB, an Excellence Center of Budapest Business School is engaged in the following activities:

  • Join international research projects and perform applied research activities to provide answers to questions that are important for the Hungarian business community. It has launched the Family Business Research Programme, the first in Hungary to investigate the specificities of this entrepreneurial sector. From 2020, BGE is the Hungarian partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the world’s foremost entrepreneurship study. GEM Hungary is also coordinated by Budapest LAB. In addition to the above, among its research topics, it pays special attention to startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurship mentoring.
  • develops and conducts training courses, workshops, and programmes to support the development of entrepreneurial skills and the acquisition of entrepreneurial knowledge. Among other things, LAB has created the Business Plan in a Week course, which has been awarded the European Enterprise Promotion Award, and has developed an intensive course for prospective family business owners based on his research.
  • shares its accumulated knowledge related to entrepreneurship in an interesting and consumable way, and provides inspiration to business planners and entrepreneurs through its own platforms and collaborations.

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