About Budapest LAB

helló felirat szövegbuborékbanThe goals set by Budapest LAB are to boost initiatives to establish business and to develop entrepreneurial attitudes; to support and foster Hungarian SMSs by creating and equipping them with a necessary knowledge base; and – in the long run – to become a well-known research, development, training and knowledge centre of entrepreneurship development in the Central European region.

Budapest LAB is engaged in the following activities:

  • joining international research projects and performing applied research activities in order to provide Hungarian businesses with relevant knowledge; publishing the LAB’s research results in an easy-to-understand way so that these results get incorporated in common and everyday knowledge;
  • having launched the Family Business Research Programme, which is the first project in Hungary to focus on this sector of the economy;
  • sharing the accumulated business and entrepreneurship related knowledge with the widest possible circles in an interesting and easy-to-consume way with the help of the LAB’s online magazine, printed publications and public events;
  • providing inspiration both to entrepreneurs and to those planning to start a business, and developing training courses related to topics and areas relevant to entrepreneurship.

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